Jake Anderson

USDA #FAIL: The Shocking Truth Behind So-Called 'Humane Farming'

It came as a big shock to consumers when some of Big Agro’s common practices for increasing their profits were revealed to the general public. For example, people were horrified to discover that the milk they were buying contained traces of the steroids, hormones, and antibiotics routinely given to dairy cows to increase production and reduce veterinary costs. The practices continued, but the public outcry resulted in some dairies specializing in producing without these unwanted extras, labeling it as such, and selling it at a substantially higher price.

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5 Countries Leading the Way to a Fossil Fuel-Free Future

A decade ago, the renewable energy movement faced an uphill battle. Today, environmentally-minded nations of the world increasingly embrace alternative energy sources. These countries now lead the way toward a future free of petroleum and dirty energy. In the process, they save significant amounts of money on national energy costs while preserving and protecting the world’s natural resources.

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