Jack Boas

Mainstream Media Demonization of Russia Is Getting Dangerously Close to Following Nazi Germany

The Nazi film The Eternal Jew likened Jews to rats crawling out of the sewer intent on spreading disease, poisoning wells, undermining German racial stock, and conspiring to take over the world. The images were so over the top that even the Nazis balked at showing the film to the general population, for fear of arousing pity rather than dread and disgust, restricting its viewing to SS Death Head Units and the like.

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The Battle For Anne Frank: Who's the Rightful Owner of Her Copyright?

The Holocaust knows countless hells but only one shrine.

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Even After The Latest Gaza Horrors, No U.S. Senator Dares Question Israel's War Machine

As a Holocaust survivor I never thought I’d see the day that our government, from the commander-in-chief on down, would kowtow in absolute obedience to the dictates of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) as though in the presence of an eastern potentate of yore.

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