Isabel Macdonald

"Send 'Em To Jail That Day!” The Newest Frontier in the Drug War and the People Who Make Millions from It

This article originally appeared in the Nation Magazine. Click here to subscribe to the Nation.  This story was produced with support from the Economic Hardship Reporting Project.

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Disaster Capitalism is Failing Displaced Haitians

From the balcony of her second story Port-au-Prince apartment, Mary Ander had a particularly good view of former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s tour last week of Haiti’s soon-to-be-launched “Building Back Better Communities” housing expo, a Haitian Ministry of Tourism competition that will result in the contracting of hundreds of new housing units for Haiti’s post-earthquake reconstruction.

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Was CNN Host Lou Dobbs Really Shot at?

After CNN host Lou Dobbs stated this past Monday on his radio show that  “my wife has now been and I have been shot at,” right-wing pundits and nativist groups are rallying to his cause.

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Fake NY Post Tells Real Story on Climate Change

"Free New York Post! Special Edition!"

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Corporate Media Have Ruined the Health Care Debate

The debate about health reform is clearly in critical condition, with the prospects for President Barack Obama's proposed "public option" looking increasingly uncertain. The U.S. is the only industrialized nation where insurance for primary healthcare is largely in the hands of private corporations, but despite overwhelming public support for a greater government role in health insurance, pundits are now advising us that even Obama’s modest proposal of making private insurance corporations compete with a public insurance fund may have to be scrapped.

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