Imara Jones

Building a better man: Could a mindful masculinity end the gender wars?

Millions of pages have been devoted to demystifying the relationship between men and women, unpacking gendered power dynamics, and more recently, to interrogating toxic masculinity and finding ways to hold some men accountable for their bad behavior. What is now known as the #MeToo movement began more than a decade ago, when activist Tarana Burke launched a conversation around sexual harassment and assault often experienced by women and femmes with the powerful phrase “me too.”

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6 Things We Need to Do for Black Men in America

The following story first appeared in Colorlines. 

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Everyone in America Could Go to College for Free for the Amount of Money Spent on Mideast Wars

The United States is just three weeks into the latest phase of its effort in Iraq against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria—the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria militant group—but already there are calls for it to escalate.

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The Great Isolation of the 1%

This article originally appeared on, and is reprinted here with their permission.

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Republicans Fulfill Their Cruel Ayn Rand Obsession With the Sequester

The following article first appeared in ColorLines.

The chaos set to be unleashed over the next month through the implementation of sequestration budget cuts is not an accident. For a large part of the Republican Party and the secretive billionaires that fund them, the disruptive shockwave that will be caused by investing less in historically marginalized communities is the point.

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How Bernie Sanders’ Tax Plan Can Close the Huge Racial Wealth Gap

Last week I argued that the debate over taxes—a tussle at the heart of the current “fiscal cliff” discussions—is actually one about racial justice. Since questions of right and wrong must ultimately become about action, what America needs is a new tax policy that would get our financial house in order while fostering racial and economic fairness. The deficit reduction plan of independent United States Sen. Bernie Sanders would do just that.

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How Wall Street Profits from Kicking Black People Off Their Land

President Barack Obama gave an important speech this past Tuesday on the “modern day slavery”of human trafficking. On the very next day, The New York Times ran an article on the injustice looming over direct descendants of slaves here in the United States. Those descendants—the Geechee of Sapelo Island, Georgia—stand to lose their once “invaluable” land for the same reason that most traditional black and brown cultures have: someone else has noticed that a profit can be made by taking it.

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For People of Color, Paul Ryan May Be Even Worse Than Romney

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