Heidi Moore

Why the Average Joe Investor Can't Trust the Stock Market

Most Americans don't think much about the stock market, and that's just fine with Wall Street. Because once you wake up to how screwed up the stock market really is, the financial industry knows you're likely to get very nervous and take your money out.

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Scandal and Financial Crisis Are Only Making the 1% Even More Wealthy and Powerful

Wall Street is a place where memories are short, profit is amoral, and money is the only thing that settles all the scores.

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Pope Francis Understands Economics Better than Most Politicians

Pope Francis is a pontiff who has constructively broken all the rules of popery – so far to widespread acclaim. He's faulted the Catholic church for its negative obsession with gays and birth control, and now he has expanded his mandate to economics with a groundbreaking screed denouncing "the new idolatry of money".

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Janet Yellen: Obama's Second Choice Hands Him a First-Rate Political Win

The irony is pretty great: Janet Yellen, a woman that President Obama didn't even want to nominate to the Federal Reserve, may represent the administration's only big political win in years.

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Why Obama Should Stop Congratulating Himself on America's Economic Progress

The president's economic initiatives – food stamps, manufacturing, infrastructure, raising the debt ceiling, appointing a new chairman of the Federal Reserve – have mostly ended in either neglect or shambles. After five years, the Obama Administration's stated intentions to improve the fortunes of the middle class, boost manufacturing, reduce income inequality, and promote the recovery of the economy have come up severely short.

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US Jobless Figure Drops to Lowest Rate in Four Years - But It's Still Way Too High

The US unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in more than four years last month, but the addition of 162,000 new jobs to the world's biggest economy was lower than expected.

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