Hannah Lownsbrough

Why Is the Nobel Foundation Investing in Fossil Fuels?

For those who work in science, literature and international peace, winning a Nobel Prize is considered the height of human achievement and reward. But when it comes to its own investment portfolio, it seems the Nobel Foundation behind the prize is prepared to abandon its commitment to high standards.

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Are Your Favorite Jeans Part of the Climate Problem?

As the fashion industry prepares for the holiday season, many high-profile brands will pump out new trends and products faster than ever before. All too often, however, that business helps drive severe damage to our global climate due to the fashion industry’s extraordinarily high levels of pollution. As 2017 draws to close, the fashion industry must step up to the challenge and redeem their terrible track record by reducing carbon emissions. The first step is simple: companies must open their record books and allow for more accurate calculations on the environmental impact of their production methods and subsequent climate impact.

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How JPMorgan Chase Is Cashing in on Private Prisons

JPMorgan Chase, like so many corporations, is trying to have its cake and eat it under the Trump administration. In the last few weeks, it has invested time, public relations' efforts and money in presenting itself as a defender of human rights. But the $2 million Chase pledged to fight racism is a drop in the ocean compared to the potential yield from its massive investment in the private prison system: one of the starkest manifestations of racial injustice in the U.S. today, profiting primarily from the detention of immigrants seeking a new life in the U.S. The DACA cancellation last week will only further boost the huge profit to be made from keeping yet more people under lock and key.

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How Big Pharma Is Making Huge Profits From Torturing and Killing Horses

Big pharmaceutical corporations are far from having an unblemished record when it comes to their treatment of animals. But recent investigations conducted by the German Animal Welfare Foundation have revealed practices involving horses have shocked even experienced animal welfare experts.

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How Burger King's Palm Oil Addiction Is Devastating Local Communities - and Planet Earth

There’s nothing new about fast food corporations unleashing environmental chaos to maximize their profits. But the recent explosion of palm oil usage is a new threat. Burger King is at the front of the pack of corporations abusing human rights and the environment to satisfy its ever-growing appetite for the oil.

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