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Governor Brown Signs Landmark Climate Legislation Helping Underserved Communities and Low-Income Californians

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA – In what advocates for underserved communities are calling “the greatest story no one knows,” California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Wednesday dramatically expanding California’s commitment to use climate change policy to attack pollution and poverty together. In a Fresno ceremony at 11:30 this morning, Brown will sign AB 1550 (Gomez), which guarantees that going forward, at least 35 percent of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund proceeds will benefit underserved communities and low-income Californians.

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California Extends Climate Fight to Help Disadvantaged Communities Battling Poverty and Pollution

SACRAMENTO — A series of measures to extend and strengthen California’s fight against climate change while enhancing benefits for communities battling poverty and pollution drew applause Thursday from the climate justice advocates of the SB 535 Coalition.

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