Graham Readfearn

Group Known for Stalking and Harassing Climate Advocates Has Been Hired by EPA to Run Media War Room

A Republican-aligned research group with links to a campaign to stalk and intimidate environmental groups, journalists and campaigners has been handed a $120,000 contract to help the EPA shape its media coverage.

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Conservative Funders of Climate Denial Are Quietly Spending Millions to Generate More Partisan Journalism

Millions of dollars have been pouring into conservative media outlets and student journalism projects from the same groups funding climate science denial, a DeSmog analysis has found.

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Which Advanced Country Has the Most Climate Skeptics? Hint: It's Not the United States

It's not necessarily a competition you should be particularly keen to win, but which country in the world has the most climate change “skeptics”?

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Major Climate Denial Funders Handled $479 Million of Dark Money

More than $470 million of cash flowing into a key funding arm of the climate science denial movement in the United States is untraceable, a DeSmog investigation has found.

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Hedge Fund King is Bankrolling World's Leading Climate-Science Denier

A billionaire “vulture capitalist” and major backer of the US Republican Party is a major funder of the think tank of Danish climate science contrarian and fossil fuels advocate Bjørn Lomborg, DeSmogBlog has found.

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Climate Change Deniers Enraged After Environmental Journal Refuses to Run Questionable Report

There's an old proverb that suggests it’s always the lie that gets half way around the world while the truth is still pulling its boots on.

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