Gerald Epstein

Even Trump's Infrastructure Plan Is a Thinly Veiled Neo-Fascist Scheme

Infrastructure investment: it’s that economic policy sweet spot that everyone loves to love.

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Krugman Attacks on Bernie's Agenda Called 'Highly Misleading' by a Leading Progressive Economist

In his recent New York Times opinion column, "Sanders Over the Edge" (4/8/16), economist Paul Krugman offers his readers a basketful of misinformation on important economic matters about which he should - and probably does - know better. The column contains a large number of snipes and a great deal of innuendo against Bernie Sanders and his supporters, but here I focus on his claims about "Too Big To Fail" (TBTF) banks, their role - non-role, according to Krugman -  in the financial crisis, and Sanders' understanding of the policy tools available to deal with them. Krugman's claims about these issues are misleading, almost certainly wrong, and, in my view, call into question the credibility of his New York Times column as a source of economic information and analysis.

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Congress Should Force Big Banks to Stop Gambling With Our Money

The furor over the inclusion of Senate Agriculture Chairwoman Blanche Lincoln's amendment in the Senate bill is becoming somewhat ludicrous. Good, knowledgeable people such as FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair and former  Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker have stepped up -- no doubt at the Fed's and Treasury's bidding -- to strew misinformation about one of the most important and powerful reforms currently under consideration in Congress.

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