George Kimbrell

Farmers and Environmentalists Sue Trump's EPA Over Approval of Monsanto's Disastrous Dicamba Pesticide

Last year's farm season was the first year Monsanto’s newly approved XtendiMax pesticide was used. Crop damage was so bad that multiple states had to step in and take action to protect their farmers. Why? Because, as revealed below, U.S. agriculture has rarely if ever seen such a dramatic and disastrous season as 2017, the result of our government regulators failing to protect farmers and the environment—instead doing the bidding of chemical companies.

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The Real State of the Union: 6 Ways Trump Is Bad for Food, Health and the Environment

One year down, three to go. Trump and his enablers are hell bent on destroying or selling to the highest bidder the federal agencies they are charged with running in the public interest. In the past year, they have been unrelenting in their attacks on food safety, environmental protections, climate change, government transparency, and so many other values we hold dear. We are in the midst of the most significant environmental and public health challenges imaginable. We’re no longer dreading the harm the Trump Administration could do to our health and environment—we’re living it.

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Congress Will Put Public Health at Risk If It Passes This Dangerous Food Safety Bill

Food safety rules are the kinds of government regulations that offer vital protections for public health. They are in place to protect the public from the foodborne illness epidemic caused by industrial agriculture, along with other serious issues.

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As Trump Takes Office, the Public Interest Is in Danger of Being Exiled

One of government’s primary jobs, perhaps its highest mission, is to protect and serve the public interest. While public interest is a legal term, most broadly it refers to public welfare at large, rather than that of a private company or individual. It encompasses public goods, commodities or services that are provided without profit to all members of a society. Think things like public schools (education), fire and police departments (safety) and military (security). In the environmental context, public goods include clean air and water, national parks and forests and beaches/coastlines. Such natural resources are conserved in the public trust for all and for future generations; any use of them must be in the public interest.

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Meet Monsanto's Dangerous Bioengineered Plant That Never Dies

Earlier this month, the Department of Agriculture quietly greenlighted the first-ever genetically engineered grass. The GE creeping bentgrass, a product of Monsanto and Scotts, is genetically engineered to be immune to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.

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The U.S. Has Approved Industrial Aquaculture in Deep Offshore Waters for the First Time -  and It’s a Huge Step Backwards

The tragedy of industrial agriculture, the unwise adoption of inherently unsustainable forms of food production over the past generation, has cost us dearly in environmental destruction and public health. From millions of acres of monocultured, genetically engineered, pesticide-promoting crops to inhumane and filthy, water-and-air-polluting Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), the dominant paradigm for current crop and animal production on land in the United States relies on intensive and toxic inputs.

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How an Agrichemical Industry Mouthpiece Is Trying to Undermine GE Labeling with Bogus Legal Analysis

In an op-ed published by Forbes last week, a pro-biotechnology mouthpiece who used to work for the tobacco industry wrote a provocative piece arguing that a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision imperiled the constitutionality of mandatory genetically engineered food labeling. The claim is flat out wrong and shows no understanding of constitutional law or the issue of labeling of genetically engineered foods. Before rebutting it, some context is helpful.

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