Gary Dorrien

Social ethics professor explains what Bernie Sanders really means when he calls himself a 'Democratic socialist'

Bernie Sanders is the best kind of social democrat and sort of a democratic socialist. He roars against economic corruption, severe inequality, and donor class politics, protesting that Wall Street Democrats dominate the Democratic Party. He espouses a welfare state politics of economic rights, which he calls, with a modicum of historical warrant, democratic socialism. Sanders wants the U.S. to institute policies that social democratic governments achieved long ago in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Germany, and he opposes authoritarian forms of socialism, contrary to an incoming avalanche of red-baiting. He resolved forty years ago to wear the socialist label as a badge of honor since people were going to call him one anyway. This decision served him well until now. Now he is obliged, with much at stake, to explain more than ever what the s-word does not mean to him.

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We Do Not Need Another Clinton Administration. If Only Sanders Would Say It

Bernie Sanders has already done more to advance Social Democratic values and policies than anyone in U.S. American history, and for that I treasure him. He has a gut-level passion about inequality, poverty and injustice. He fights for equality with a tenacity surpassing any elected official since the New Deal. He is rightly outraged that the tax system is skewed to make equality worse, that the megabanks have become too-big-to-fail hedge funds trading on their own accounts, and that Republican leaders are bent on destroying Medicare and Social Security.

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