G.W. Schulz

Leaked Intel Memo Directs Police to Pipe Down on Facebook

In February 2009, Gary Waters went to court in Brooklyn, accused of possessing a loaded 9mm handgun and bundle of ammo while on parole for burglary. It looked like a simple case. But Waters escaped the charge. Why? The NYPD officer named Vaughan Ettienne who arrested Waters had a MySpace persona defense attorneys seized on as evidence of his tendency toward police misconduct. Ettienne’s social-media profile allegedly described his mood as “devious,” and in a status update, he claimed to watch the movie Training Day for brushing up on “proper police procedure.”

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How Long Before Facebook Hands Over Your Personal Information to the Government?

It’s often done in secret. Law enforcement investigators seek access to private user information stored by Web sites, routinely imposing a gag order that prohibits the Internet company from telling anyone about the demand.

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Is Wikileaks Driving Bank of America to Seize Domains?

A little-known company that specializes in protecting the public image and product identity of Fortune 500 companies is quietly buying up hundreds of domain names that could be used to host online criticism of the mammoth financial services outfit Bank of America.

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Homeland Security Encourages Americans to Spy and Report on Their Neighbors

Urging everyday Americans to report suspicious activity they believe could be linked to terrorism remains a leading priority for Barack Obama’s homeland security secretary, Janet Napolitano. Bridge workers, shopping retailers, hoteliers, garbage collectors, patrol officers and your next-door neighbor have all been encouraged to notify authorities if they witness something out of the ordinary.

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Bureaucrats Use Government Databases to Snoop for Personal Information About Celebrities

One is characterized by extraordinary wealth, endless adoration and a certain place in history. The other endures grinding repetition, virtual anonymity and paychecks that seem to graduate at the slowest pace humanly possible over a period of decades.

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Border Patrol Hires Consulting Firm Packed With Former Government Insiders

The U.S. Border Patrol’s announcement that it was seeking to hire a contractor for “strategic consulting” services first raised eyebrows when it appeared back in July on a site that advertises business opportunities with federal agencies. Even industry publications that typically cater to contractors were skeptical – Government Security Newscalled the request “unusual.”

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