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Shocking Video Shows Cop Gun Down Unarmed Teen in the Back as He Ran Away

Chicago, IL (RT) — Lawyers for the city of Chicago, Illinois have dropped objections to the release of surveillance footage that shows the police shooting a black teenager in 2013. Cedrick Chatman was killed as he fled officers who stopped him for car theft. 

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Cop Who Beat Pregnant Woman, Not Fired – Now Accused of Raping Another Pregnant Woman

CHICAGO (CN) – A police officer accused of past misconduct faces a new federal complaint accusing him of raping a pregnant woman and threatening to arrest her if she resisted.

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7 Simple Steps on How to Fight Speeding Tickets and Win - From an Ex-Cop

It is estimated that in 2014 there were over 41,000,000 speeding tickets issued in the USA and that over 25% of these were issued in error.

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Unarmed Marijuana Dealer Shot in Face by Cop Who Won't Face Charges

Derek Cruice was a kind and loving young man who was murdered in cold blood by police because he allegedly sold a plant that is legal in five states.

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'You're My Favorite Victim' Woman Reports Rape to NYPD, Cops Show Up and Sexually Assault Her

New York, NY (RT) — A 25-year-old woman is suing the NYPD, after two of its officers charged with investigating her rape case got her drunk in a hotel room and sexually assaulted her.

The complaint made on Tuesday relates to an incident in January 2013, when the Seattle nursing student was assaulted by a “social acquaintance” at an apartment. She reported the assault by phone in June, and was told the Special Victims Unit would handle the case.

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Tens of Thousands Rally to Help Two Women Who Were Sentenced to Gang Rape by Corrupt Government

(RT) – Over 60,000 people signed an Amnesty International UK’s petition demanding the government intervene in the case of two Indian sisters sentenced to rape and humiliation for their brother’s deed by a local council dominated by a higher caste.

An unelected all-male council from a village in India’s Baghpat district handed down the ruling on July 30, ordering Meenakshi Kumari, 23, and her sister, 15, to be raped as well as paraded naked with blackened faces.

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Rampant Corporatism: SCOTUS Justices Rule in Favor of Companies they Own Stock In, 90% of the Time

Washington D.C. (RT) — Three Supreme Court justices didn’t recuse themselves from cases in which they held stock in companies interested in the outcomes. Nearly 90 percent of the time, they sided with these businesses that filed ‘friend of the court’ briefs, a new report said.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justices Stephen Breyer and Samuel Alito own shares in several publicly traded companies, according to their 2014 financial disclosure reports. From July 2014 through June 2015, seven cases before the Supreme Court featured amicus curiae ‒ or friend of the court ‒ briefs by companies in which the three justices were stockholders. These filings allow parties that will be affected by a ruling, but are not directly involved in a case, to introduce“relevant matter not already brought to [the Court’s] attention,” the Supreme Court rules read.

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Dashcam Video Shows Cops Lied About Why They Shot Unarmed Man, Leaving Him Paralyzed

An unarmed black man paralyzed by a Florida sheriff’s deputy is suing the police department over the shooting. Newly released dash-cam footage of the incident appears to back up the victim’s claim that the officer lied about how events unfolded.

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