Understanding Trump Voters Is Good - But Voting Against Kleptocracy Is Better

I was wondering if I was reading too much into the near-convergence of Sen. John McCain’s funeral; Labor Day, the traditional kickoff of the campaign season; and Rosh Hashanah, the start of the Jewish holidays of repentance and renewal.

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The Resistance Needs to Tell Better Stories in the Face of Trump's Circus Politics

I recently returned from a Trump fast. It was actually a news fast, but since the news these days is pretty much all Trump all the time, a Trump detox is what it turned out to be.

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Is There Such A Thing As Evil - And Is Trump It?

Is Donald J. Trump a liar? Yes, at this point it seems safe to say that he regularly tells intentional untruths. So, is Donald Trump evil?

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We Need Local News Sources to Protect Democracy - Corporate Owners Are Destroying Them

I don’t know if Timothy Burke is going to save journalism, let alone democracy, but the spooky video he made for Deadspin at the end of March racked up 30 million views within a week and got the country gasping at Sinclair Broadcast Group’s fake anti-fake-news campaign.

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