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5 Reasons Trump's Infrastructure Plan Is Bad for Communities and the Planet

Trump has announced the details of his infrastructure plan, and it paints a frightening picture. At best, it’s a money-making scam. At its worst, it endangers our families, communities and the planet.

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Florida Is on Verge of Fracking Ban, Would Join Maryland, New York and Vermont (Video)

Last year, we saw a historic win for people power when Maryland passed a statewide fracking ban under a Republican Governor. While support for a ban in the Sunshine State has always been strong, it looks like this year could be the year Florida joins Maryland, New York, and Vermont for a full statewide ban.

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A Month Later, U.S. Is Failing With Its Food and Water Crisis in Puerto Rico

Update, 10/20/17: Since this piece was posted, we became aware of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority’s (PRASA) boil water notice for all people who have access to running water. So, while roughly 70 percent of the island has access to tap water, it appears it is not safe to drink untreated. However, FEMA appears to be reporting this figure as potable water. We’ve translated the boil water notice on PRASA’s site as of October 20, 2017 as the following: "After service is restored -- To ensure that the water is drinkable: boil it for five minutes without covering [and] add chlorine bleach (without fragrance or other detergent), using the appropriate amount for the amount of water you will use. READ THE LABEL before using to guarantee that it contains only bleach. Read the percent of bleach and add the recommended amount to the water according to the table on the left. Mix well with water and leave for 20 minutes. You should be able to smell a faint odor of bleach. If that is not the case, add more bleach and leave for another 15 minutes. You can also use bleach in pill form sold in pharmacies. Follow the instructions on the label."

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Senate's Dirty Energy Bill Would Lock U.S. Into Fossil-Fuel Dependency for Decades

In the wake of Senate Republicans' ever-deepening debacle over their flailing attempts to strip health insurance from 22 million people, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is desperate to do something—anything—to show that he can get legislation passed. To this end, he's bypassing the standard committee review process to push a complex 850+ page energy bill straight to the full Senate floor. Perhaps not surprisingly, this legislation, the Energy and Natural Resources Act of 2017, would be a disaster for public health and our climate.

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Why Race and Inequality Are at the Heart of America's Water Problems

On March 22, Rep. John Conyers of Michigan reintroduced the Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity and Reliability (WATER) Act, a bill to make water service safer and more affordable for all. The introduction of the legislation was particularly timely since March 22 was World Water Day, an annual event that highlights the critical importance of water and the need to preserve it as a common good.

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200+ Environmental Groups Tell EPA: Correct Unsupported Claim in Fracking Report

Led by Food & Water Watch, more than 200 public interest and environmental groups—including Sierra Club, Indigenous Environmental Network, NRDC, Greenpeace, Earthjustice, League of Conservation Voters, Union of Concerned Scientists, Friends of the Earth, anf Clean Water Action—sent a letter to the EPA today, urging the agency to heed the recommendation of its own independent Science Advisory Board (SAB) and clarify the seemingly unsupported top-line finding of the June 2015 draft report.

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Tribal Member Fasts to Protest Oregon Gov. Brown's Nestlé Water Policies

Salem OR — A group of tribal members, citizens from the Columbia River Gorge and throughout the state gathered on the Capitol steps today to support Anna Mae Leonard, a tribal member who launched a five-day fast to protest a planned giveaway of 118 million gallons a year of public water in the Columbia River Gorge to Nestlé Corporation. Leonard and her supporters called on Governor Kate Brown to demand that state agencies to stop the Nestlé water exchange.

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The 5 Worst Fracking Moments of 2015

Once again, in 2015 the oil and gas industry showed us the ludicrous lengths they will go to in order to frack more communities. In the process, they created ample fodder for Comedy Central, and the likes of John OliverJohn Stewart, Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore. Here are a few of the worst head-shaking stunts that made the news in 2015:

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Defying Common Sense, GMO Salmon Is Declared Safe to Eat, But Not Grow, in U.S.

Last month the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) caved to industry pressure and approved what may end up being the most meaningless “innovation” of the 21st century, the world’s first genetically engineered food animal. The so-called AquAdvantage salmon has been widely rejected by consumers, supermarkets and even salmon growers, who see no benefits in this fish, but clear risks.

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Foreshadowing TPP Troubles: Trade Ruling Nixes Dolphin-Safe Tuna Label

Corporate trade deals like the World Trade Organization (WTO) have been used to undermine or eliminate U.S. consumer and environmental rules for years, and last week it took a swipe at both. A WTO trade tribunal ruled against the U.S. dolphin-safe tuna labels

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