Darcey Rakestraw

Here's Why a Carbon Tax Helps Fossil Fuel Companies, Not the Environment

Next month, voters will decide whether Washington State implements the first-ever statewide carbon tax in the U.S. Meanwhile, there are lessons to be learned from a carbon tax across the border.

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Water Industry Launches Attack on Water Democracy, Promotes Privatization

The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) has launched a new campaign, truthfromthetap.com, to undermine advocates who want municipal water systems operated and owned by local, democratically elected councils—not by big companies accountable to shareholders.

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The Tragic Death of the Aral Sea

I recently joined a delegation of over 60 international organizations from 30 countries to travel to the Aral Sea, along with my colleague from Food &Water Watch International Policy Director Darcey O’Callaghan.

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