Fiona Harvey

'Unacceptable' Greenhouse Gas Emissions Gap, U.N. Warns

There is still a large gap between the pledges by governments to cut greenhouse gas emissions and the reductions scientists say are needed to avoid dangerous levels of climate change, the U.N. has said.

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How Factory Farming in Asia Is Creating Global Health Risks

The use of antibiotics in factory farms in Asia is set to more than double in just over a decade, with potentially damaging effects on antibiotic resistance around the world.

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The U.N. Has Published a Slimmed-Down Version of the Paris Climate Deal

A new draft of the potential global agreement on climate change, to be negotiated this December in Paris, has been published by the United Nations .

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Lord Stern Report: Transform Global Economy to Fight Climate Change

The world can still act in time to stave off the worst effects of climate change, and enjoy the fruits of continued economic growth as long as the global economy can be transformed within the next 15 years, a group of the world's leading economists and political leaders will argue on Tuesday.

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Barack Obama's Carbon Cuts Plan is a Big Step in the Right Direction

US president Barack Obama has laid out his legacy on one of the issues that will define the world long after his brief term in power is over. He has been frustrated in several other attempts to bring climate change to the fore of US politics, with the demise of cap and trade plans a notable failure, but his move to use the Environmental Protection Agency to cap carbon emissions is his boldest effort yet, trying to circumvent the Congressional stalemate on the issue using his constitutional powers.

Climate change is one of the trickiest issues to face for any leader. A long-term problem manifesting first in the poorest regions of the world, that will only make serious inroads into developed economies long after a current politician's half-life is spent. Vested and highly profitable interests – party donors, indeed, and pension funds – that rely on fossil fuels. Contrarian attacks on the clear science that tells us the world is warming, supported by a skeptic media and believed by millions. . No wonder Obama was initially reluctant to take this on.

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Major New Climate Report from the IPCC Reveals Human Impact Is 'Unequivocal' -- Global Response Needed

World leaders must now respond to an "unequivocal" message from climate scientists and act with policies to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the United Nations secretary-general urged on Friday.

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Noam Chomsky: American Government and Corporations Are at War With the American People

The actions of the US government in spying on its and other countries' citizens have been sharply criticised by Noam Chomsky, the prominent political thinker, as attacks on democracy and the people.

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European Union Moves Toward Banning Tar Sands

Oil from controversial and environmentally destructive tar sands is likely to be all but banned from Europe after a decision on Tuesday. The move also casts doubt on the future of other controversial energy sources such as shale gas.

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