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Fish Are Surprisingly Gender Fluid

The following is an excerpt from the new bookWhat a Fish Knowsby Jonathan Balcombe (FSG, 2016): 

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Screw Positive Thinking! Why Our Quest for Happiness Is Making Us Miserable

The man who claims that he is about to tell me the secret of human happiness is eighty-three years old, with an alarming orange tan that does nothing to enhance his credibility. It is just after eight o’clock on a December morning, in a darkened basketball stadium on the outskirts of San Antonio, and — according to the orange man — I am about to learn ‘the one thing that will change your life forever.” I’m skeptical, but not as much as I might normally be, because I am only one of more than fifteen thousand people at Get Motivated!, America’s “most popular business motivational seminar,” and the enthusiasm of my fellow audience members is starting to become infectious.

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