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Deconstructing The White 'More-ness' Privilege

White people are not afraid to ask for more. Also, in direct correlation, white people are not afraid to take, if what is asked for is not sufficient, or not meeting the standards of their request. They ask for more time, more money, more land, more food. I waited in line for Chipotle on a rather sunny Thursday afternoon, and saw a woman so daring in her asking — asking for more mild, more peppers, for a taste of chorizo. So inclined to ask for more she single-handedly held up the line to do so. She was exercising her right not just as a human, but as an American, white woman human. And, rightfully so. This is the American apple pie-esque fortitude one can only hope to dream of. I, meager self, stood in line and asked “why do I not ask for more?” And if that request is not met, why do I cower into my halfway cubicle desk like the hamster in the wheel? Why do I not demand even the littlest of things?

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