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Reality Winner Is a Whistleblower

Reality Winner, the 25-year-old Air Force veteran and NSA contractor charged with mailing classified material to a news outlet, is a classic whistleblower. She hasn’t claimed that mantle, which is understandable given America’s love-hate relationship with whistleblowers. They are alternately celebrated and denounced, depending on who has the microphone and who has the power.

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What Have We Done: Executive Power, Drones, and Trump?

The news is rife with President Trump’s threatened and actual military misadventures: in Syria, Yemen, and North Korea. But these military actions take on a new gravity considering the vast and secret powers Trump inherited.

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As Trial Finds CIA Leaker Jeffrey Sterling Guilty on 9 Felony Counts, Govt. Claims 'This Case Is Not About Politics'

When the jury in the CIA leak trial voted "guilty" on all nine felony counts Monday afternoon, it appeared to buy into a notable claim from the government: "This case is not about politics." 

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