Eunisses Hernandez

The Ugly Motive Behind Trump's Repeal of DACA

Since the election, time and time again, Trump and members of his administration have touted “law and order” rhetoric, to advance an agenda that aims to expand criminalizationdeportations and promote white supremacy.

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Giving People a Second Chance with California's Marijuana Legalization Law

I am what you call a policy wonk. I work to end the war on drugs and dismantle the criminal justice system through polices based on health and human rights. The best days in this work are when you pass a policy or law. It’s a feeling that reignites your passion for this work that can often be spiritually draining. For me, though, there is no greater joy than witnessing that policy save and change lives.

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Reclassifying Marijuana Convictions on Your Criminal Record Under California's New Proposition 64

On November 8, 2016, Californians took a major step towards ending the war on drugs and repairing some of the damage inflicted on people’s lives by marijuana prohibition, by passing

Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. Although, the most serious marijuana-related crimes such as providing marijuana to minors, or attempting to smuggle marijuana across state lines remain felonies, under Prop. 64, most marijuana-related misdemeanors and felonies have been reduced or altogether eliminated. These sweeping reductions in criminal penalties are retroactive, meaning past convictions for marijuana offenses reduced or eliminated under Prop. 64 can be reclassified on a criminal record with the courts for free.

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