Erika L. Sanchez

4 Ways America Is Hostile Toward Mothers

It's ironic that while women are constantly bombarded with attacks on abortion rights, our society and economic system provide virtually no support for women when they decide to have children. With the popularity of the mommy blogs and celebrity moms, it would appear that motherhood is finally getting some of the respect that it deserves, but the reality is that the average American woman faces policies, practices, attitudes, and health barriers that make motherhood incredibly difficult.

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This Almost 100% Preventable Cancer Is Still Killing Women in America -- What Can We Do?

Edna Lugo, 38, was diagnosed with cervical cancer when she was 31 after seeing a doctor about unusual cramps and bleeding. It wasn't until she became ill that she discovered there was a history of cervical cancer in her family.

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America's Dumbest Idea: Creating a Multiple-Choice Test Generation

A few years ago, I met with my former high school social studies teacher to catch up over drinks. "Miss F" was one of my favorite teachers and we hadn't seen each other in about 12 years. As we reminisced about our field trips, my other classmates, and my hilariously unfortunate fashion choices, she revealed to me that she and many of my former high school teachers refer to that time as "the golden era". I was shocked. How could it be that the school district had become worse since I graduated?

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