Erika L. Sánchez

6 Unbelievably Insensitive Things Said to Rape Victims

Every two minutes, another American is sexually assaulted. One in five women is sexually assaulted while in college. Unfortunately, 60 percent of assaults are not reported to police and 97 percent of rapists never spend a day in jail. According to research funded by the Department of Justice, only between 8 percent and 37 percent of rapes ever lead to prosecution, and just 3 percent to 18 percent of sexual assaults lead to a conviction.

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5 Ways to Help Girls Survive a Deeply Sexist World

Nearly everywhere we look, the media subject us to negative images of women. The same tired tropes seem almost indestructible—alpha bitch, bridezilla, clingy jealous girlfriend, femme fatale, the list goes on and on. Flip through the channels for a few minutes, and it may look like feminism never even happened. When I was growing up, my feminist role-model was, no joke, Lisa Simpson.

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Outraged By Kidnapping of Nigerian Girls? 4 Other Incidents of Mass Violence Against Women You Should Know About

On April 14, Nigerian militant group Boko Haram fighters kidnapped 276 schoolgirls from the remote northeastern town of Chibok in Borno. As far as we know, 223 are still being held. Many Nigerians and international leaders criticized Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan for taking almost three weeks to respond to the crisis. Journalists and writers all over the Internet also blasted the media for taking so long to respond to the horrific abductions. How could it be that the kidnapping of 276 girls was not the number-one story all over the world? Eventually, the world did erupt in outrage and the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls went viral. The hashtag #234WhiteGirls also surfaced to draw attention to the media's bias when it comes to coverage of violence against women of color.

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4 Messed-Up Sexist Things That Happen to Women of Color

Feminism is much more than simply addressing the wage gap, climbing the corporate ladder, or even ensuring access to abortion services. Many times racism, classism and sexism are so tightly enmeshed they're impossible to untangle, and therefore feel like one brutal and engulfing entity. Women of color have never had the privilege to solely focus on women's issues—gender and racial inequalities combined so often ravage both our physical and mental health. In order to advance our gender as a whole, it's critical for all women to acknowledge and support each others' diverse struggles and experiences.

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The Secret Anti-Abortion Law That's Sweeping America

Last November, a new law went into effect in Texas: abortion clinics would now be required to have an agreement with a local hospital so that patients needing treatment could be transferred.

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4 Ways Supreme Court Ruling on Idea of Religious Freedom for Corporations Could Be Disastrous for Americans

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Sebelius vs. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., on whether for-profit companies can use their religious beliefs to to deny their employees coverage of contraceptives, which they are currently entitled to by federal law.

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4 Ways Sexist, Macho Culture Hurts Men

Macho culture– the perpetuation of hypermasculinity, dominance, violence, bravado– can be deadly, particularly for women. According to the World Health Organization, women in the US are victims of intimate partner violence at a rate about five times that of men, and the United Nations has found that the most common form of violence experienced by women around the world is physical violence inflicted by an intimate partner. 

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The Truth About "Macho" Men

Latinos and other men from traditionally “sexist cultures” don't have a monopoly on machismo, so why is it that they're so often scapegoated for backwards attitudes when it comes to gender? How can entire continents and counties be compromised of completely chauvinistic men? And where does this “macho” the media insists on perpetuating come from?

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