Erica Etelson

How to talk to the Covid-19 deniers in your life

For those of us diligently practicing social distancing, it can be infuriatingly frustrating to encounter friends and loved ones who refuse to. There’s a strong temptation to lash out at them as selfish fools whose irresponsibility endangers us all. But doing so will backfire because, when people feel attacked, they get defensive and entrench in their position. Like it or not (not!), this is human nature.

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How to talk impeachment with your right-wing uncle over the holidays

As the holiday season approaches, there’s more to dread than fruit cake. What if your Republican relative wants to talk about impeachment (aka “the witch hunt”)?

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The Big Question: How Should We Treat Trump Voters?

During the first week of my freshman year of college, I was an instant convert to the nuclear freeze movement. One night, I toiled into the wee hours in my dorm room stenciling a handmade poster (this was the 1980s) that said: “We’re not Communists and we’re not homosexuals…We just want to prevent a nuclear holocaust.” Permission to wince.

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How to Flip a Trump Voter Without Pushing Too Hard

The only way to talk someone out of voting for Trump is to stop trying to talk them out of voting for Trump. To all my fellow progressives who’ve been busily browbeating supporters of this dangerous demagogue, you’re invited to become an early adopter of a far more rewarding, non-adversarial approach called "powerful non-defensive communication."

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Can 7 Billion Humans Go Paleo?

After decades of obscurity, Paleo is now one of the fastest-growing diet trends. A 2013 survey found that one percent of Americans eat Paleo, which is based on the premise that our diets should be based on animals and plants, the way we ate when we were hunter-gatherers. Bestselling books like Grain Brain have redeemed meat’s nutritional profile and convinced many people that their high-carb diets promote unhealthy levels of brain and gut inflammation. I count myself among the throngs of Paleolistas who have benefited from adhering, more or less, to its principles.

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