Elle Hunt

38 Million Pieces of Plastic Waste Were Found on an Uninhabited South Pacific Island

One of the world’s most remote places, an uninhabited coral atoll, is also one of its most polluted.

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Paris Agreement's 1.5°C Target 'Only Way' to Save Coral Reefs, Says UNESCO

Greater emissions reductions and delivering on the Paris climate agreement are now “the only opportunity” to save coral reefs the world over from decline, with local responses no longer sufficient, a report by UNESCO has found.

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Trump's Inauguration Crowd: Sean Spicer's Claims Versus the Evidence

Photographs of the National Mall in Washington DC and public transport figures for the city cast serious doubt on Sean Spicer’s angry insistence that Donald Trump drew “the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe”.

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