Elizabeth C. Tippett

Weinstein may be a monster — but the lawyers who enabled him are true villains

In the greater arc of the #MeToo movement, lawyers have lurked in the shadows, unnamed scribes formalizing agreements meant to stay secret.

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How your employer uses these 'perks' to control your life

Companies offer all sorts of benefits and extras to attract the most favored workers, from health care and stock options to free food. But all those perks come at a price: your freedom.

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Sexual Harassment Prevention Used to Target Abuses of Power Like Harvey Weinstein - What Changed?

When accounts of Harvey Weinstein’s harassment emerged, they reminded me of vignettes from harassment videos made by professional human resources trainers in the 1980s and 1990s.

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Uber's Dismissive Treatment of Employee's Sexism Claims Is All Too Typical

Uber has suffered a spate of bad publicity in recent days after allegations of harassment and discrimination from a former software engineer.

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Trump Snubs Ethical Norms Because We've Forgotten Why They Matter

Let’s be honest. Conflicts of interest are boring.

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