Elisha Anderson

Riddles 30

EASYIt gives power to the prostrate:This potato's little pet.Old-school surfers used it dailyLong before the internet.ANSWER: The remote controlINTERMEDIATEThose who manage great collectionsStand in front and come right after;Maintain order; Promote posture;And sound like the final chapters.ANSWER: BookendsDIFFICULTBattles burns but won't fight fires.In a bath it disappears.Completely base with snow white face.Saline taste not quite like tears.ANSWER: An antacid tablet

Riddles 29

EASYLooking through a hall of mirrorsAt a clump of broken glass.The room begins to turn and I See gorgeous patterns form and pass.ANSWER: A kaleidoscopeINTERMEDIATEThrives on changes. Bought for change.Freshness only lasts a day.Color lingers on my fingers.Brings closer those things far away.ANSWER: A daily newspaperDIFFICULTA single line shaped. Simple form.A question perched on tapered slopes."Oh my, How such things multiply!"Helps those with lots of hang-ups cope.ANSWER: A coat hanger

Riddles 28

EASY:The staircase no one wants to use.Ugly eyesore stuck in back.Made for moments of intense heat.Eight foot drop from end of track.ANSWER: A fire escapeINTERMEDIATEMusic maker temperamental.Just plays notes -- no melodies.Man makes maker, but not music.Music shaped by summer breeze. ANSWER: Wind chimesDIFFICULT: Like sandpaper but much smoother.Like perfume but not on long.Gold and chocolate share its shaping.Without water can't be strong.ANSWER: A bar of soap

Riddles 27

EASYIt eats up energy reserves,Or may rely upon the sun.I keep punching -- it keeps crunching;In seconds it gets tough work done.ANSWER: A calculatorINTERMEDIATEPartners in a game of chanceKnow well the feel of sweaty palms.Fate keeps throwing them around.They spend their days with sharks and cons.ANSWER: A pair of diceDIFFICULTStraight up standing it's a cube.Underfoot: a trick on ice.Fast asleep: infinity.Take a zero, draw it twice.ANSWER: Eight

Riddles 25

EASY In my lap and on the table;Problem solver and protector.Helps take care of accidents.Expert cleaner. Food collector.ANSWER: A napkinINTERMEDIATEExample of how tastes can change.A snap decision I'll regret.A painful application once,And now an old flame on my chest.ANSWER: A tattooDIFFICULT It interrupts one's browsing.Flaps and falls when flippers flip.One stoops and scoops the letter,Scans the pitch and lets it rip.ANSWER: A magazine drop card

Riddles 24

EASYUnder four feet,And over doors.When thrown for funThe hookers score.ANSWER: HorseshoesINTERMEDIATEThis scar upon the human raceReminds us of what came before.Was once a mouth down in the south.Is now much less; a healed sore.ANSWER: A bellybuttonDIFFICULTSphere of stone in piece of meat.Piece of meat in purse of bone.Purse beneath a body blue.Body blue on sphere of stone.ANSWER: A pearl in an oyster beneath the ocean on the earth

Riddles 23

EASYVictims of ineptitudeAnd violence wear this stain.Dark glow below the surface Marks a memory of pain.ANSWER: A bruiseINTERMEDIATEIn this quiet communityThe folks keep out of sight.One never sees a soul around'Cept sometimes late at night.ANSWER: A cemeteryDIFFICULTThis simple physician Sticks to small emergencies.Old and young alike haveSought his healing on their kneesANSWER: A bandaid

Riddles 22

EASYSome prefer a plumper one.Others ask for one that's flat.Cradle and an elevator.For my head but not a hat.ANSWER: A pillowINTERMEDIATEIs this a combo collar/leash?Or maybe just a stylish noose?It chokes me up while I'm at workAnd after work I wear it loose.ANSWER: A tieDIFFICULTGrisly form of punishmentBecomes a sacred cow.Folks with sharp teeth hate it butBefore it others bow.ANSWER: A crucifix

Riddles 21

EASYFor half of a secondHalf-looking what worksIs a whole message sent From a half-blinded flirt.ANSWER: A winkINTERMEDIATEThese nesting dolls they made me cryAs I removed so many skins.No cry of pain or saddening strainBut stung I was, it made me wince.ANSWER: An onionDIFFICULTThey're a fuzzy conceptOf color coordination.All frills but used in drills;And some leaders often shake them.ANSWER: Pom-poms

Riddles 20

EASYI've put up this snappy snippetFor your eyes, so you can knowWho I am and what I stand forIn this spell while traffic's slow.ANSWER: A bumper stickerBumper stickers often make the use of a short, snappy phrase to say something about the owner of the car -- political views, favorite band, etc. Bumper stickers are most often read by people who sit behind you in traffic.INTERMEDIATESee it brooding by the roadsideOr hear it screaming late at night.It's always looking for the worstAnd throwing off an anxious light.ANSWER: A police carPolice cars are regularly seen by the roadside -- either watching for speed demons or pulling them over. Their sirens are often heard late at night. While they cruise around, scanning for signs of trouble, police cars throw off the notorious red and blue lights that make everyone anxious.DIFFICULT:A reservation kept on handA band well known for flashy rock.In time a priceless heirloom orAnother piece of pawnshop stock.ANSWER: An engagement ringWith an engagement ring on her hand, a woman has "reserved" her fiance. Each ring is a band (another word for "ring") that often holds flashy gems. In time, the engagement rings can become a family heirloom or -- depending on how sucessful the marriage is -- a pawn shop item.


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