New Video: Experts Say Wisconsin Voting Machines Can Be Hacked

Our investigative look back at the Wisconsin recount finds that—despite repeated warnings by computer experts that connecting voting machines to the internet puts them at risk of hacking—the voting machines in some counties in Wisconsin are using wireless modems. This hardware creates a connection that in all likelihood has internet capability, even as the chair of the Election Assistance Commission swears to Congress that the machines are not connected this way. Plus, an international computer security expert shows how the voting machines can be hacked even when they're not connected to the web.

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New Video: Watch Wisconsin Election Officials Reject Hand Counts After Electronic Scanners Make Big Mistake

The Wisconsin presidential recount may be over, but it revealed how deeply flawed America's voting machinery can be.

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New Video Shows What A Presidential Recount Looks Like in Wisconsin and Why Only Hand Counts Can Be Trusted

The presidential recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania launched by Green Party candidate Jill Stein are showing Americans that verifying the vote is anything but a simple task.

In this report by Edward R. Murrow award-winning journalist and filmmaker Lulu Friesdat, we get an on the ground look at what that process looks like in eastern Wisconsin. While election officials and poll workers see the recount as a monumental and painstaking task, election integrity experts, who know how electronic voting systems can be hacked and are prone to errors, say that Wisconsin's recount process is not following best practices to determine if the reported results are correct.

This is the first of a three part series evaluating the recount. Part 1 focuses on accuracy.

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