Dr Roslyn Fuller

An Audacious Google Project to Control Mosquitoes Is Proof We Need Direct Democracy More Than Ever

It is no secret that tech companies have become the lynchpins on which both progress and the economy turn. Indeed, with each passing year, more and more sectors become inseparable from the tech sphere.

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How We Can Overcome Oligarchy Disguised as Democracy

He who says organization, says oligarchy. So wrote German sociologist Robert Michels during the formation of Europe’s big tent ‘people’s parties’ a century ago. According to Michels—a committed realist, as we shall see—even the most radical and progressive of these new parties would eventually succumb to what he termed ‘the iron law of oligarchy’.

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Democracy Has Lost Its Purpose

The following is an excerpt from Beasts and Gods: How Democracy Changed Its Meaning and Lost Its Purpose, by Roslyn Fuller

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