Douglas Capraro

The Highs of Journalism: 5 News Reporters Who Got Buzzed on Camera

TV news reporters typically do their best to act like they are serious people doing a serious job, at least when on camera. But sometimes the mask drops a bit, or the make-up is too thick, revealing—to the sadistic amusement of the viewer—the person behind the persona. This may occur when reporters are reporting on drugs or when reporters on drugs are reporting. Or, best of all, both.

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10 of America's Strangest Drug Laws

When it comes to drug laws, like many things in life, you’ve got the good, the bad…and the just plain weird. And the US boasts plenty of examples of all three.

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“The Culture High” Dissects America's Marijuana Laws and the War on Drugs [Video]

Upping the ante on his critically acclaimed documentary The Union:The Business Behind Getting High, Canadian director Brett Harvey returns with an in-depth analysis of marijuana policy called The Culture High

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