Donny Moss

Orthodox Jewish Girl Secretly Gives Activist a Slaughter-Bound Chicken (Video)

Each year in the days leading up to Yom Kippur, Rocky Schwartz, like dozens of other animal rights activists, attempts to dissuade ultra-Orthodox Jews from participating in a ritutal chicken sacrifice called Kaporos, or Kapparot. In 2016, she got a lucky break.

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Were Animals Brutally Killed to Make Your Winter Jacket?

During the four days after Canada Goose opened its first retail store in the United States, animal rights activists staged massive protests at the entrance, dissuading shoppers from entering and shaming those who purchased coats after seeing images of geese and coyotes being terrorized and killed for their feathers and fur.

Please ask Canada Goose to stop exploiting geese and coyotes for profit.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal Narrates New Documentary Exposing U.S. Government’s War on Animal Rights ‘Terrorists’ (VIDEO)

“Investigating and preventing animal rights extremism is one of our highest domestic terrorism priorities. We are committed to working with our partners to disrupt and dismantle these movements; to protect our fellow citizens; and to bring to justice those who commit crimes and terrorism in the name of animal rights.”

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Cecil Lives On: Connecting the Dots Between One Lion and Billions of Suffering Animals

In the past couple of days, millions of people on social media, who don’t normally address animal cruelty, have expressed sorrow and outrage about the murder of Cecil, the beloved lion in Zimbabwe.

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Jane Goodall: “We’re Destroying the Planet”

On the topic of our planet’s future, Jane Goodall, the legendary chimpanzee researcher, does not mince words: “How is it possible that the most intellectual creature that has ever walked on planet earth is destroying its only home?” Dr. Goodall, who is 81, spends 300 days year traveling the world in an effort to save it. The biggest problem, she says, is climate change. And the biggest culprit? Animal agriculture.

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Why Is Media Coverage of California Drought Omitting Biggest Culprit?

In its extensive coverage of the California drought, the New York Times has consistently focused on the cultivation of crops without so much as mentioning animal agriculture, which is far more water intensive.

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