Donne Levy

Historian points out this startling fact about the current racial divisions in the Trump era

America is a deeply divided nation. That fact may be the only thing that Americans of all racial, ethnic, and political groups can agree about. A Washington Post-University of Maryland poll conducted in late 2017 indicated that 70 percent of the American people think the country is “as divided as during the Vietnam War.”

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How the phenomenon of total party unity led to the extinction of liberal and moderate Republicans

One of the salient features of current headlines is the Republicans’ refusal to break with the president elected on their party ticket. Donald Trump has garnered solid party support even when defying long-held Republican principles of economic conservativism, such as free-trade or low tariffs, and strong opposition to adversaries like Russia and North Korea.

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Here are 5 times presidents lost big in the midterms ⁠— but won, or nearly won, re-election

By any standard of measure, the 2018 midterm congressional elections created a blue wave that swept major regions of the country. With a record voter turnout for midterm elections, eight million more people cast ballots for Democrats than Republicans. That translated into a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives with a gain of 40 seats.

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The GOP's History of Racism And Why the Party Shouldn’t Be Shocked that Its Voters Are in the Tank for Trump

From his statements about Mexican rapists, murderers, and infestation, to his action on the Southern border, to his call for a ban on Muslim immigration, to his remark about good people on both sides in Charlottesville, Donald Trump has been the face of white racism. From his 2016 campaign to the current administration, he has appealed to white people fearful of a country changing its racial color. The political vehicle enabling Trump’s rise to power has been the Republican Party. How could that have happened? As historians know momentous change does not occur overnight. Seeds are planted and cultivated before a flowering takes place. That happened in the Republican Party.

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Professor of US History: Why Trump Is Doomed to Be an Impotent President

As his presidency was ending, George Washington delivered a farewell address to the nation warning against political parties because they would be divisive. However, few Americans obeyed the Father of the Country as political parties quickly became a salient feature of the American political system. Federalists and Democratic-Republicans would become the first Two-Party system.

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