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New Lawmakers Get to Work on Ridiculous Anti-Immigrant Measures

In legislative houses across the country, newly-elected lawmakers are getting down to the business of fulfilling their campaign promises. Those elected vowing to crackdown on immigration have proposed various restrictionist and enforcement-oriented policies, which seem poised to satisfy voters rather than solve actual problems.

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Running Scared? Anti-Union Retailers Stepping Up Fight Against Organized Labor

Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis is reportedly cracking down on businesses that cut corners on workplace safety or cheat employees out of their pay. Alarmed by the prospect that employees' legal right to organize a union will also be enforced more effectively, some of the nation's largest retailers are now stepping up their anti-union indoctrination efforts. Advocates of workers' rights should be cheered by their alarm. As the U.S. Chamber of Commerce frets, "even if we defeat the card-check bill, it's entirely possible that other changes to the National Labor Relations Act will come up, and some of those will likely make it easier to organize the workplace."

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Over 100 House Dems Push for Immigration fix

Although the timeline for immigration reform is uncertain, some Democrats argue that reform needs to be considered before next year's midterm elections. Recognizing that there is not much time, 111 House Democrats sent a letter to the President reminding him of his commitment to reform our immigration laws.

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Why Counting Undocumented Immigrants In the Census Is Good for America

Last week I participated in a debate for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on the inclusion of undocumented immigrants in the 2010 census. I argue that a full count of undocumented immigrants and their families brings economic benefits to local communities that no one can afford to miss. I cite the role of population data in the allocation of billions in state and federal funding to local government for critical public programs and services. Without a full count of these immigrants, communities where they live won't receive adequate funding to staff health clinics, repair crumbling bridges and build parks.

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Guest Worker Program Still a Sticking Point on Immigration Reform

After the much anticipated immigration meeting, the President reiterated his commitment to reform our broken immigration system. The administration only committed to start the debate this year; hoping that a bill is passed in 2010 before the midterm elections. According to Emanuel, immigration reform lacks the votes to pass this congressional session.

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A Path to Legalization for Immigrants Would Help the Economy

Ira Mehlman, media director of the LA office of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)--a hate group that seeks to reduce immigration to the U.S--argues that legalizing undocumented immigrants would hurt the economy.

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Gillibrand Needs to Change Her Stance on Immigration

Gov. Paterson has picked Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to replace Hillary Clinton in the U.S Senate. As described by the New York Times earlier today, Gillibrand is “known for bold political moves and centrist policy positions.” Gillibrand—endorsed by the National Riffle Association and the recipient of a high grade from an anti-immigrant group called NumbersUSA—is not an encouraging pick for the immigrant community.

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Obama Should Not Ignore Immigration Policy While Focusing on the Economy

Despite the strong and decisive support from the immigrant electorate, many say immigration reform won't be in the agenda during the first year of the Obama administration. The economy is everyone's priority.

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