Denise Robbins

New Book Exposes Koch Brothers' Guide To Infiltrating The Media

A new book by New Yorker writer Jane Mayer lays out how the oil billionaire Koch brothers rose to the powerful position they are in today, where they wield unquestionable political influence and have shaped public opinion in drastic ways. Titled Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right, the book brings to light many tactics that the Koch brothers and others in their network of like-minded millionaires and billionaires have used over the years to push their agenda while hiding the true motivations behind it.

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Scientists Debunk Daily Caller's Claim That Increasing Penguin Populations Disprove Global Warming

A Daily Caller article cites an increase in the populations of two penguin species to dismiss "global warming scares" that climate change poses a dangerous threat to these animals. But the population "increases" are partially due to better census data, while penguins globally are declining and remain extremely vulnerable to global warming.

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Media Tout Pro-Fracking Report, Fail to Mention it Was Funded By the Gas Industry

Multiple mainstream media outlets have covered a new report touting the economic benefits from hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") without disclosing the report's industry funding.

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CNBC Host Believes Animals Will "Snuggle" Under Keystone Pipeline

CNBC host Larry Kudlow believes the Keystone XL pipeline will be good for wildlife because animals will "snuggle" underneath it for warmth, even though the Interior Department found Keystone XL would have "permanent impacts" on wildlife, including threats to several endangered species.

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5 Ways Right-Wing Media Make Their Fans Fear Science

A new study shows five ways conservative media decrease trust in scientists, leading their audience to doubt climate change.

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