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Devin Nunes: Deep state may use 'computer generated graphics' to fake Joe Biden speeches

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) suggested on Sunday that Joe Biden's administration may use "computer-generated graphics" to fake the president's speeches.

Nunes made the remarks during an appearance on Fox News after he was asked about Biden's performance at a recent CNN town hall event.

"You know it's getting bad when the propaganda machine that the Democratic socialists control in this country -- they control 95% of the media or so," he opined. "And then you take the big tech oligarchs that control and censor what we receive via social media. When that poison gets to the average independent American, that propaganda, you know it's bad when they can't even find a 15- or 30-second soundbite out of a full-hour town hall that they can plug into their own propaganda machine."

Nunes added: "I mean, it's getting really bad. It's not just the president. They can't get any soundbites from the vice president either."

The Republican lawmaker claimed that deep state actors are "almost to the point where they're going to have to start using computer-generated graphics in order to give to the propaganda machine because they can't get good clips to sell what they're trying to sell here in Washington, which are policies that are running the country into the ground."

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Fox News hosts mull how to ban 'childless' liberals from voting

Fox News hosts on Sunday promoted the idea that "childless" Americans should not be allowed to participate in society by voting.

The idea was recently floated by Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance.

"Let's give votes to all children in this country, but let's give control over those votes to the parents of the children," Vance told a conference on the Future of American Political Economy.

The hosts of Fox & Friends discussed the merits of the idea that the "childless left" should not be able to vote.

"I think it's an interesting idea," host Will Cain said. "I'm into interesting ideas. Let's think about it. Let's talk about it. He's saying childless leaders are making decisions that are short-term in mind, not focused on the long-term future health of this country because they don't have a stake in the game. Parents have a stake in the game, they have children so give parents a bigger say."

Co-host Pete Hegseth pointed out that fellow co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy would get nine votes because she has nine children.

"I don't know about that solution, that seems not feasible," Campos-Duffy said. "But I will say that I agree with the premise of it, that it is absolutely true that people like [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez], Pete Buttigieg -- you can name the left-wing politicians, people who think that we should legalize marijuana because they don't have kids and they don't really have a stake in what that looks like."

"I agree with him 100% that they don't have a stake in the game," she continued.

"That is looking at it through the lens of the actual solution, which is the family unit," co-host Pete Hegseth agreed. "So many ills that we have in our society stem from that breakdown. I agree with you. [It's] not a feasible policy but what it is in principle is a reflection of the fact that -- what Ronald Reagan said, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction."

"And if you're Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez -- our favorite comrade -- and you've said the world is going to end in 12 years, what do you care?" he added. "It's this idea of absolute pessimism that the world's going to end and as a result, we're the problem and don't have kids."

According to Hegseth, a large family is "a reflection of optimism."

"Do you want to pass AOC's America off to America or J.D. Vance's?" Campos-Duffy asked. "American Marxists want to tear down the American family."

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Insurrectionist Paul Hodgkins sentenced to 8 months in prison after judge cites Trump flag

Paul Hodgkins, a supporter of President Donald Trump, received the first felony sentence on Monday for the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Prosecutors in the case sought an 18-month sentence for Hodgkins, who breached the Senate chamber for 30 minutes.

District Judge Randolph D. Moss noted that Hodgkins was carrying a Trump flag instead of a U.S. flag.

"The symbol of that act was unmistakable," Moss said.

The judge concluded by sentencing Hodgkins to 8 months of jail time and 24 months of supervised probation.

'That's not true': Marjorie Taylor Greene betrays Mike Lindell over Trump's August 'reinstatement'

Rudy Giuliani was suspended from practicing law in New York last month after several complaints about the rampant dishonesty he deployed in his failed quest to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

During an appearance on Real America's Voice, Greene said that she believes Trump won the 2020 election but disagreed with the idea that he could be back in the White House by August. Lindell and election attorney Sidney Powell have said that they expect Trump to resume his presidency by the end of next month.

"We re-elected President Trump on November 3rd in 2020," Greene told host Steve Bannon. "I want people to be careful in what they believe. It's going to be very difficult to overturn the 2020 election and so I would hate for anyone to get their hopes up thinking that President Trump is going to back in the White House in August. Because that's not true."

"It's just that I don't want people to get excited and think that something is going to happen and then they get disappointed," she added. "We need to stick with the truth. We have to stick with the process. And we have to reveal the election fraud."

Before moving to the next subject, Bannon offered a defense of Lindell, who is a frequent guest on his show.

"Trust the process," Bannon said. "We're going to be in uncharted waters. For Mike Lindell and the guys [who say] August, hey, I've always got an open mind. We're in uncharted waters but you've got to [go] step by step by step."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.

Marjorie Taylor Greene rejects claim Trump will be 'reinstated' in August www.youtube.com

Fox News cuts off Trump after he derails 'border' press conference with election rant

Fox News on Wednesday cut off a broadcast of former President Donald Trump's visit to the border after he began ranting about the 2020 presidential election.

Although Fox News had heavily promoted the former president's trip to Texas throughout the day, the network decided to cancel the president's press conference about a minute after he claimed the voting system in America is a "disaster."

"We had an election where we did much better than we did the first time and amazingly we lost," Trump complained while sitting next to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R). "I just want to thank the people of Texas because we won in a landslide. It wasn't even close."

"We got 12 million more votes than we got the first time," he continued. "We better get our elections straightened out because you're going to have a runaway country, you're going to have a banana republic, you're going to have a third world country here pretty soon because our elections are a mess."

At that point, Fox News cut the former president's audio. Hosts Shannon Bream and Brian Kilmeade interrupted the ongoing press conference and quickly changed the subject back to the border.

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Watch Sen. Bill Cassidy's bizarre explanation for why 'roads and bridges are a woman's problem'

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) on Sunday insisted that infrastructure like roads and bridges is a "women's problem" because they do the "shopping."

Cassidy made the remarks on NBC's Meet the Press, where he was arguing on behalf of a bipartisan infrastructure bill.

"If you go home and talk to constituents who are stuck in traffic for an hour and a half getting to work and an hour and a half getting home -- three hours a day that they don't spend with their family -- they want a bridge coming to a town near them," Cassidy explained.

"My wife says that roads and bridges are a woman's problem if you will," the senator added. "Because oftentimes it is the woman -- aside from commuting to work -- who's also taking children to schools or doing the shopping. And the more time that she spends on that road, the less time she spends doing things of higher value."

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'Fox News stands by the poll': Host counters Lara Trump after she unloads on Biden's 'glowing' approval rating

Fox News host Steve Doocy disagreed with Lara Trump on Thursday after she said that the network's polling is not "legitimate" because it indicates that President Joe Biden has a "glowing" approval rating.

During an interview on Fox News, Trump blamed Biden for what she said was "skyrocketing" crime in America.

"How do you explain his approval rating was at 54%?" Fox News co-host Brian Kilmeade asked. (In fact, the network's latest poll suggests Biden enjoys a 56% approval rating.)

"I mean, I truly don't believe that," Trump replied. "I don't think that is a legitimate number. I also think that he gets totally coddled, guys, by the mainstream media. Every time you see him truly asked a question by so many of these outlets, they are these softball questions about ice cream."

"And he just gets glowing reviews all around from the mainstream media," she added. "So very clearly people who tune in to those outlets are not getting the full picture on Joe Biden. I cannot believe that anybody would have his approval rating anywhere over about negative 5% at this point."

"Fox News stands by the poll," Doocy responded with a laugh.

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Fox News host disputes Lara Trump on Biden's 'glowing' approval rate

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'Would you agree?' Jen Psaki gets Peter Doocy to admit violent crime is 'caused' by guns

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday coaxed Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy into admitting that guns are responsible for much of the violent crime in the U.S.

The exchange came during a White House briefing when Doocy asked Psaki about President Joe Biden's new crime prevention initiative.

"There is a lot of crime in big cities," Doocy said.

"Much of it caused by gun violence. Would you agree?" Psaki interjected.

"Yes," Doocy replied. "So how do you reduce gun violence by expanding job opportunity, including summer jobs for young people?"

Psaki suggested that Doocy had cherry-picked one aspect of the president's plan.

"There are several components of this proposal," the press secretary explained. "One of them is action on gun violence -- or additional steps on gun violence, which the president feels are important to get guns off the streets, make sure they are not in the hands of people illegally, many of whom are playing a role in violent crime across the country."

"He also wants to provide incentives and opportunities for young people in communities where that has shown to be an effective step," she added.

Doocy pushed back: "So is the thought there [is] somebody, some criminal who has been committing crimes with limited interruption or interference for the last couple of weeks or months is going to stop this easy life of crime if they have a summer job?"

"The president believes that we shouldn't allow access to guns to those criminals who are currently illegally buying them from some dealers," Psaki remarked. "And part of his announcement is taking steps to do exactly that. But part of his announcement is also ensuring there is specific guidance to communities across the country to ensure they get more community police."

Psaki also pointed out that Democrats had recently voted for the American Jobs Plan, which provides support for community policing.

"Some might say the other party is for defunding the police," she concluded. "I'll let others say that."

Watch the video below from ABC.

Jen Psaki deftly gets Peter Doocy to admit violent crime is 'caused' by guns

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Watch: DC mayor smacks down 'incorrect' Ron Johnson after he says residents don't deserve statehood

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser on Tuesday pushed back against Sen. Ron Johnson's (R-WI) suggestion that residents of her city don't deserve statehood because they have a greater interest in the federal government than other Americans.

The confrontation occurred during a hearing before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

"Those individuals who are within the District obviously have a vested interest in a very powerful federal government," Johnson said while arguing against statehood. "Which is counter to the power vested in the states [and] the states want to maintain their sovereign power."

"To me, this seems just like a naked power grab," he continued. "In 2020, 92.2% of D.C. votes went to the Democratic candidate; 5.4% went to the Republican candidate. In the last 80 elections, no Republican candidate has gotten more than 10% of the vote."

Johnson went on to cite the median income of the residents as a point against statehood.

"In the end, people choose to live here," he added before turning to Bowser to complain about how insurrectionists were treated after breaching the Capitol on Jan. 6.

"Have you seen any information as to how much damage was done during the summer rioting?" Johnson wanted to know.

But Bowser insisted on responding to Johnson's suggestion that D.C. residents do not deserve equal representation because they have a vested interest in the federal government.

"Thank you, Senator, for your interest in the District," she began. "But I have to address first by talking about the residents of D.C. -- 700,000 people, hardworking individuals who educate their children, start businesses, and work in the District."

"It would be incorrect to say that D.C. residents have more of an interest in the federal government than other Americans," the mayor added.

Johnson quickly interrupted: "That's not the question I asked you. Could you answer the question I asked you? Do you have a property damage estimate from the summer riots?"

"I'm glad to hear you say that you are opposed to riotous behavior, whether it happened on 16th Street or here at the Capitol," Bowser replied.

"Could you answer the question?" Johnson interrupted again. "Do you have an estimate of the property damage during the summer riots?"

The senator then suggested that the insurrectionists of Jan. 6 are being treated unfairly compared to other rioters.

"If you're asking about how the Federal Bureau of Investigation operates, you'll have to address those questions to them," Bowser said. "We do not permit any riotous behavior, whoever is conducting it."

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.

DC mayor smacks down 'incorrect' Ron Johnson for opposing statehood

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'Blatant projection': Mitch McConnell blasted for calling voting rights a 'craven political calculation'

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday accused Democrats of "craven political calculation" because they are trying to pass S.1, a Senate bill that would fortify voting rights.

During a speech on the Senate floor, McConnell mischaracterized the intent of the legislation.

"It would let Democrats take a red pen to election law in each of the 50 states neutering popular components like voter ID while legalizing shady practices like ballot harvesting," McConnell said. "It's a recipe for undermining confidence in our elections, for remaking our entire system government to suit the preferences of one far end of the political spectrum."

"What a craven political calculation," he added. "What a way to show your disdain for the American people's choices."

"What a craven political calculation," he added. "What a way to show your disdain for the American people's choices."

"McConnell calling Democrats 'craven' is such blatant projection," Kelly Fauvre wrote.

"I probably shouldn't be listening to the Senate right now at work because hearing MITCH MCCONNELL refer to #HR1 as a 'craven political power grab' has me about to come out my fucking skin," another commenter added.

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.

Mitch McConnell calls voting rights bill 'craven political calculation'


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