David Andrews

'Erin Brockovich' Chemical in Drinking Water of More Than 200 Million Americans

Drinking water supplies for two-thirds of Americans are contaminated with the carcinogenic chemical made notorious by the film "Erin Brockovich," which was based on the real-life poisoning of tap water in a California desert town. But there are no national regulations for the compound—and the chemical industry is trying to keep it that way.

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Toxic Chemicals That Harm the Immune System Have Contaminated the Drinking Water of Millions of Americans

Fluorine-based chemicals that can cause cancer, developmental toxicity and numerous other detrimental health effects have contaminated the drinking water of millions of Americans, and the blood of people and animals worldwide. But how did these chemicals get there—and what happens when they’re passed on to future generations?

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Drinking Water for More Than 5 Million People Tainted by Unsafe Levels of PFCs

Drinking water supplies serving more than 5.2 million Americans may be contaminated with two perfluorinated chemicals, or PFCs, at levels higher than the Environmental Protection Agency now deems safe, according to an EWG analysis of EPA test data.

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