Dave Stieber

Money For Incarceration But Not For Education

Every year, for the past 11 years that I have taught in Chicago Public Schools (CPS), Chicago claims it doesn’t have enough money to properly fund its public schools. And every year there is some “justification” for not giving our students equitable funding.

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Six Teachers Suspended for Standing Up for Students: Only in the Mayor Controlled Chicago Public Schools

My oldest son will be starting kindergarten in the fall. He is a introverted kid. He loves to learn, takes a while to warm up to new people, and is a loyal friend. He is however at times too passive, which could make him vulnerable to bullying or more prone withdraw from activities that he would otherwise be interested in. When I envision the type of teacher that I want for my son next year and going forward in CPS, I picture a teacher that will make him feel safe, inspire him to learn, bring him joy and push his learning. I want a teacher who will teach him to take a stand, will advocate for him if needed and also will teach him how to advocate for himself.

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A Chicago Teacher Speaks Out: This Is Why We Fight

You have undoubtedly heard the news reports, radio attack ads, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) representatives, the “CEO” of CPS, and Mayor Rahm Emannuel saying how teachers are walking out on the students if we strike. Parents, students, residents of this city: as a teacher let me tell you, comments like that rip teachers to our core. As clichéd as it sounds, teaching is a calling. It’s not as if one day we just said, “I guess I’ll be a teacher.” It takes skill and dedication to stand in front of 30 (and sometimes more) young people in a classroom and truly care and be able to teach every one of them. It is not possible to just be mediocre when it comes to teaching students. A young person is the first to let you know if you aren’t doing a good job at teaching the lesson, not getting graded work passed back quickly enough, heck, they will even let you know if you look bad that day.

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