Daniel Tencer

Is Your Bank Spying on You?

The age of the plain old credit score is gone, says a report at the Wall Street Journal, and it's been replaced by ever more intrusive efforts by banks and credit agencies to gauge exactly what you're worth, and what you can pay.

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California Pot Legalization Could Stop the Murderous Drug Cartels Waging War in Mexico

The Mexican drug war that has taken the lives of 28,000 people over the past four years could conceivably come to an end if California votes to legalize marijuana, say prominent American and Mexican policy makers.

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FBI Admits Investigating Howard Zinn for Criticizing Bureau

Those who knew of the dissident historian Howard Zinn would not be surprised that J. Edgar Hoover's FBI kept tabs on him for decades during the Cold War.

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Groups Call for Arrest of West Virginia Mine CEO

A coalition of NGOs who say they are fighting against the influence of the US Chamber of Commerce has called for the arrest of Don Blankenship, the CEO responsible for the West Virginia mine where 29 workers lost their lives last week.

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FBI Launches Probe Into Schools Accused of Spying on Kids Through Webcams

The FBI has launched an investigation into a Pennsylvania school district that has been accused of spying on students through webcams on laptops it issued to those students.

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The TSA Is Funding Airport Mind-Reading Scanners

Amid the media furor over the attempted Christmas Day attacks and a renewed political focus on enhancing airport security, attention is turning to a technological advancement that will have civil rights activists -- or, for that matter, anyone with a secret --seriously worried: Mind-reading machines.

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Osama bin Laden Nearly Killed Bill Clinton?

Osama bin Laden attempted to assassinate President Bill Clinton during a summit in the Philippines in 1996, says a new book about the 42nd president's financial and sexual scandals.

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Feds Wanted Private Data on All Visitors to Liberal News Site

A Justice Department subpoena requesting all available information on all visitors to an independent news site is raising serious privacy concerns, and questions about how much information the US government is storing about its citizens' news reading habits.

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Rolling Stone Expose Declares Goldman Sachs Behind Every Market Crash Since 1920s

Goldman Sachs has played a crucial role in creating every market bubble since the 1920s -- and has profited from not only the bubbles, but from the crash that followed as well, says a new expose in Rolling Stone magazine.

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