Daniel Denvir

We're All Being Used: No, It's Not Immoral to Use Illegal Drugs

A New York Times op-ed by Mario Berlanga, a recent graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business from Mexico, made the argument that using illegal drugs is immoral because it funds cartels’ bloody rampage south of the border. It’s a straightforward point he makes — but also entirely wrong.

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Actually, Many Trump Voters Are in One Basket and It's Both Racist and Economically Frustrated

What Hillary Clinton said may have been politically unwise but was also obviously true: Many Donald Trump supporters are motivated by racism.

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Heroin Prohibition Is Killing the People It's Supposed to Save - It's Time to Legalize and Regulate

A drug normally used to tranquilize livestock and elephants is now being ingested by human users to disastrous ends and may have contributed to a recent spate of overdoses in Cincinnati. It’s a powerful opioid called carfentanil, and is only the latest such drug with a funny name to burst onto the national scene: Fentanyl now rivals heroin as a leading cause of overdose deaths, and another drug called Opana fueled an HIV epidemic in Indiana. But as the opioid crisis cuts its widening swath across the country, an important fact often remains invisible: Heroin prohibition is driving the problem, not fixing it.

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Private Prisons Are Not the Problem: Why Mass Incarceration Is the Real Issue

The generally horrible state of the world entices people to blow small pieces of good news entirely out of proportion. Such was the case last week, when the Department of Justice announced that it would phase out the use of private prisons to hold federal inmates. Contrary to popular belief, however, private prisons play a very small role in American mass incarceration, as Vox’s Dara Lind explained in a corrective tweet.

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Hillary Clinton Is Tossing a Lifeline to Down-Ballot GOPers, but Is Pulling Punches Against Conservatism a Smart Idea?

Donald Trump has made this election, like everything else, about Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, happily skewering him as he blows up his campaign with ruinous attacks on fellow Republicans and myriad others, has zero problems with this. But critics on the left do, because by playing it safe Clinton is sending troubling if unsurprising signals about the agenda she will set as president, and also missing a historic opportunity to crush the Republican Party in a moment of acute vulnerability. Instead of aggressively making the case that Trump represents the worst of Republican greed and bigotry, she is inviting their leaders and donors to join her campaign en masse.

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Republicans Want to Disavow the Trump Monster They Created Because It Is Devouring Them Alive

Insulting the parents of a soldier killed in action because they are Muslim is unacceptable, Republicans are forced to concede.

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Enough With the Spectacle: How About We Just Ban All Assault Weapons Instead?

“They know that we will not bring a bill that takes away a person’s constitutionally guaranteed rights…without due process,” said Paul Ryan, dismissing the recently terminated Democratic sit-in for legislation that would bar those on government terror watch lists from purchasing guns as a “publicity stunt.”

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'Cruel and Unjust': The Drug War Snares an Immigrant for Pot, Breaking a Virginia Family in Two

In September 2011, Melissa Lawrence was seven-and-a-half months pregnant and working as a waitress when she got the call. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had detained her partner, Garfield Kenault Lawrence. That he had arrived at age 11 and was a lawful permanent resident didn’t matter because Kenault had been convicted of small-time marijuana offenses. In January 2013, he was deported to Jamaica after more than a year in detention.

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Welcome to the Nightmare Election: Why Clinton vs. Trump Is Going to Be About One Thing - Fear

And so it begins: Hillary Clinton vaguely entreats voters to cast aside color-coded maps and “get on the American team” as her allies make “a furious round of calls to top Bush family donors to try to convince them that she represents their values better than Donald Trump.” Meanwhile, Trump publicly scarfs down a taco bowl and exclaims that he “loves Hispanics,” insulting Mexican food with the same vigor he has insulted Mexican people. This election is going to be horrible.

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Donald Trump's Idiot Guide to Foreign Policy: The GOP Frontrunner Has No Idea How the World Actually Works

Over the past several months, Donald Trump has famously said a lot of nasty things about Mexican immigrants. What’s less often noted is that he thinks the Mexican government is run by the world’s most hyper-competent  supervillains. The upshot is that only Trump has the wherewithal to beat them.

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