Dana Kennedy

How the coronavirus has infected Trump's presidency

Nobody saw this coming. Turns out it may not be Bernie, Mike, Joe, Liz, Pete—or even Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff—who bring down Donald Trump.

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It looks like it's finally curtains for the Donald and Boris Show

They could co-star in “Dumb and Dumber—The OK Boomer Special Edition.” But Donald Trump and Boris Johnson reached a critical point in their sometimes rocky bromance this week.

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Anonymous ex-intel officer explains how the Suleimani assassination may impede US intelligence gathering

Trump’s hit on Iran’s powerful military mastermind Qassim Suleimani may have just closed the door on future U.S. monitoring of other high-level Iranians and their efforts to build nuclear weapons.

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Here’s why Congress wants to look inside the bank that fronted Donald Trump $2 billion

Just try phoning Trump’s private banker Rosemary T. Vrablic at Deutsche Bank’s U.S. headquarters in Manhattan. Back in 2017, before too many bankers involved with Deutsche Bank started turning up dead, Trump once dared reporters to call her, saying she was the “the head” of the bank and “the boss.”

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World to the US: ‘What the hell is going on’ with Trump’s ‘shady cast of characters?’

It may be the biggest story in Washington and one that’s further polarized an already bitterly divided nation but does the rest of the world care about the effort to impeach Donald Trump?

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Ukraine 2.0? Trump’s OMB holds up congress-approved military assistance

Congress approved more than $100 million in U.S. military aid to Lebanon in September but the Trump administration won’t even tell Beirut the check is in the mail.

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This is what really happened with Trump’s Taliban peace talks misadventure

Donald Trump is not known for finessing foreign policy but for years prior to his election and during his campaign, he was mostly right about Afghanistan. He called it a “total disaster,” said it was “wasting our money” and that we should leave “immediately.”

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Longtime Fox News producer: 'I can’t tell you how unpopular Trump is here'

Does Fox News need President Donald Trump? Or does President Trump need Fox News? If former Fox News strongman and Trump supporter, the late Roger Ailes, were still running the network, those questions might never come up.

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Trump’s ignorance has touched off a new crisis in Kashmir

South Asia is again in crisis and could be on the brink of war. For the second time in six months, the world is on tenterhooks, waiting to see what turn events will take. Because the two antagonists are armed with nuclear weapons, the possibility of a confrontation is taken seriously. And as has happened before, Kashmir is at the center of the dispute that has kept India and Pakistan at loggerheads for over 70 years.

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