Dan Gillmor

The FCC Is About to Axe-Murder Net Neutrality -- What You Should Know

In January, a federal appeals court rejected regulations designed to assure some measure of fairness in the way America's internet service providers (ISPs) handle information traveling through their networks. The problem, according to the court, was not so much that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)couldn't insist on what is called "network neutrality" – the idea that customers, rather than ISPs, should decide priorities for information they get online. No, the issue was that the FCC had tried to impose broadband rules under the wrong regulatory framework. And the court all but invited the FCC to fix its own mistake and rewrite its own updated rules.

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Comcast's Takeover of Time Warner Is a Horrible Deal for Consumers

As Comcast pushes regulators to approve its just-announced deal to buy out Time Warner Cable, it'll make one essential point: the acquisition won't visibly change the competitive landscape for TV and internetcustomers.

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Thanks to WikiLeaks, We See Just How Bad the TPP Trade Deal is for Regular People

Among the many betrayals of the Obama administration is its overall treatment of what many people refer to as "intellectual property" – the idea that ideas themselves and digital goods and services are exactly like physical property, and that therefore the law should treat them the same way. This corporatist stance defies both reality and the American Constitution, which expressly called for creators to have rights for limited periods, the goal of which was to promote inventive progress and the arts.

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