Dahr Jamail

The end of ice: Climate scientists are already grieving for the world we've lost

Recently, I was in Homer, Alaska, to talk about my book The End of Ice. Seconds after I had thanked those who brought me to the small University of Alaska campus there, overwhelmed with some mix of sadness, love, and grief about my adopted state -- and the planet generally -- I wept.

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BP's Toxic Gulf Coast Legacy: When Covering Up a Crime Takes Precedence Over Human Health

On April 20, 2010, BP's Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded. Over the next 87 days, it gushed at least 200 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, creating the worst human-made environmental disaster in US history and afflicting the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

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The U.S. Navy Is Poisoning Local Water Supplies Across the Nation With Toxic Chemicals

Washington State's Whidbey Island already has problems with inadequate water supplies. Located in Puget Sound, the residents have to face a long, dry summer with no aquifer replenishment and ongoing threats of saltwater intrusion.

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Scientists Predict There Will Be No Glaciers in the Contiguous U.S. by 2050 - but Trump Is Stomping on the Gas Pedal

Given that life originated in the oceans, it should be cause for concern that a recently published study revealed that the depletion of dissolved oxygen in Earth's oceans is occurring much faster than previously believed.

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Naval Exercises Add Trillions of Pieces of Plastic Debris to Oceans

For the next two decades, the U.S. Navy will inject hundreds of thousands of pounds of flares and billions of metal-coated glass fibers into ocean waters off the coasts of Washington and Oregon.

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James Mattis Is a War Criminal: I Experienced His Attack on Fallujah Firsthand

Retired marine General James Mattis, who retired from being the head of CENTCOM in 2013, has become known recently for his stance against what he calls "political Islam."

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U.S. Military Plans to Dump 20,000 Tons of Heavy Metals and Explosives Into the Oceans

The U.S. Navy has been conducting war-game exercises in US waters for decades, and in the process, it has left behind tons of bombs, heavy metals, missiles, sonar buoys, high explosives and depleted uranium munitions that are extremely harmful to both humans and marine life.

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The Navy's Use of Depleted Uranium in America's Coastal Waters Threatens Humans, Wildlife

Earlier this month, Truthout reported that the U.S. Navy is knowingly introducing toxic metals and chemicals into the environment during its war game exercises.

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Navy Admits to Having Released Chemicals Known to Injure Infants' Brains

For decades, the U.S. Navy, by its own admission, has been conducting war game exercises in U.S. waters using bombs, missiles, sonobuoys (sonar buoys), high explosives, bullets and other materials that contain toxic chemicals—including lead and mercury—that are harmful to both humans and wildlife.

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