Corey Dolgon

America’s Broken Windows and Lyin’ Eyes

In September 2016, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that black men who run from police are within their rights to flee. On the one hand, the law gives individuals the right not to speak to police and even ignore or leave the presence of officers if they haven’t been charged with a crime. On the other hand, the Court specified that, in the case of African-American men, reports from the Boston Police Department and the American Civil Liberties Union, “documented a pattern of racial profiling of black males in the City of Boston.”

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It Has Happened Here: The Arrogance and Anxiety of American Exceptionalism

"If Bishop Prang swings his radio audience and his League of Forgotten Men to Buzz Windrip, Buzz will win. People will think they are electing him to create economic security. Then watch the Terror! God knows there’s been enough indication that we can have tyranny in America—the fix of the Southern sharecroppers, the working conditions of the miners and garment-makers…but wait till Windrip shows us how to say it with machine guns… A real Fascist dictatorship.” —Sinclair Lewis, It Can’t Happen Here (1935)

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