Color of Change

How an Advertiser Boycott Campaign Helped Push Glenn Beck Off the Air

When we launched our campaign to hold Glenn Beck accountable for his vicious, baseless, and repeated race-baiting in July 2009, it was based on a simple theory: Beck's rhetoric was so egregious, so far over the line of decency, that few advertisers would want to associate their brand with Beck. If we could convince advertisers to abandon Beck's show, and stay away, this would make Beck a financial liability for Fox News Channel, ultimately leading to his show's demise.

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A Line in the Sand Against Glenn Beck

Watching the Glenn Beck show this past month, one might have assumed that Van Jones had assaulted Beck, insulted his wife, and stolen his kids' lunch money. Beck devoted time on a whopping 16 shows to crafting a distorted, despicable portrait of Van that few who know him would recognize.  As political smears go, it was as serious as it gets.

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10 More Advertisers Drop Glenn Beck

Today we're announcing that ten more companies have made sure their ads won't run on Glenn Beck's program:

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