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John Oliver Improves History by Peppering It with Incredibly Elaborate and Totally Ridiculous Lies

John Oliver may be off until Sept. 13, but in classic “Last Week Tonight” fashion, the host — who likely couldn’t bear the thought of a “truth bomb-less” Monday — uploaded a mini web exclusive to his show’s YouTube channel. This week, his topic of choice was “History Lies.”

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Stephen Colbert Reveals the Truth About His 'Colbert Report' Character: 'I Had to Actually Leave, I Had to Change'

In TIME’s cover story this week, a profile of soon-to-be “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert, we learn a great deal. For example: As a child, Colbert said he was “occasionally reckless,” destroying cars and chandeliers and anything placed in front of him. He chose the pronunciation of his last name with the emphasis on the second syllable because he thought it had more of a “worldly ring” to it. He has a deep-seated fear that the public perceives him as a politician (and a comedian, secondarily).

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John Oliver Exposes the Racket of the Christian Megachurch Industry

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver took on the fraudulent behind-the-scenes (and occasionally, not so behind-the-scenes) practices of America’s mega-televangelist ministries — specifically, those that have exploited people’s faith for monetary gain with the promise that “donations will result in wealth coming back to you.” It’s called “The Prosperity Gospel,” and is built on the idea that every donation a congregant gives its pastor is a “seed” that will one day be harvested. “Wealth is a sign of God’s favor,” after all.

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John Oliver is Totally Flabbergasted by American Sex Education: 'That is Some Incredible Misinformation!'

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver addressed America’s sex education problem, a system he aptly described as being a “weird patchwork.”

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Fox News Chief Makes Bizarre Attack on Jon Stewart

Apart from Arby’s, there’s no one that’s felt the heat of Jon Stewart’s blistering takedowns on the “Daily Show” over his 16-plus years more than Fox News.

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John Oliver Exposes the Disturbing Way Congress Governs Washington, DC

The U.S. is currently the only democracy in the world that fails to give residents of its capital a vote in Congress. “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver is hoping this will change ASAP.

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Jon Stewart Just Announced Final Three 'Daily Show' Guests - And Things Are About To Get Wild

We’ve already seen a number of high-profile celebs stop by “The Daily Show” in the last few weeks to tip their hats to the soon-to-be retiree, Jon Stewart. JJ Abrams sat down with Stewart last night for an interview. Before that, David McCullough and a tight-lipped Tom Cruise made some time to pay tribute. Hell, Stewart was even able to wrangle the President of the United States for some words on his favorite punching bag, Donald Trump.

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Alec Baldwin: I'd 'Love to See Trump Win' (VIDEO)

Perpetually perturbed actor-producer Alec Baldwin sat down with Howard Stern Tuesday to formally announce his endorsement of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Or, rather, to formally announce that the entire political system is broken.

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John Oliver Goes into Overdrive: Watch Him Tackle 15 Topics in One Minute Flat

John Oliver was off for the weekend of Fourth of July, or the “annual American tradition of reminding the sky who runs shit,” as the “Last Week Tonight” host more aptly called it. But that didn’t stop him from uploading a brief — emphasis on brief, because we’ll come back to that — web exclusive in the show’s absence.

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John Oliver Rips CNN For Confusing Pride Flag with ISIS Flag

CNN’s royal “f-up” this weekend is sure to go down in history — some type of special history — right alongside SCOTUS’ historic same-sex ruling.

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