Cole Stangler

Walmart, Nike and Others Decline to Back $40 Monthly Wage Hike in Cambodia’s Garment Industry

Major Western retailers sourcing clothing from Cambodia—a country marked by authoritarian rule and regularly ranked as one of the world’s worst countries for workers—are declining to endorse a proposed hike in the garment industry’s minimum wage that amounts to roughly $40 a month.

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The War on Pensions Goes Federal

Alex Adams, 71, worked in the trucking industry for 36 years before retiring in 2003. Five years later, Adams was diagnosed with cancer in his larynx and tonsils. As a result, he now takes food through a feeding tube and has to deal with a number of ongoing medical costs.

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FM Radio Could Open Up to Hundreds of Community Organizations

Thousands of non-profits across the United States are preparing to take advantage of what could wind up as the largest expansion of community radio in the nation’s history.

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Walmart Walkouts Are Just the Start

This article originally appeared on The American Prospect.

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