Cody Cain

Our Constitution is amazing — but it won't save us from Trump

The United States Constitution does not guarantee democracy.

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The Republican Party's big problem: Its only path to political success is rooted in profound deception

The Republican Party has a problem. A big problem.

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Pardon-Palooza: Trump Could Wreak Havoc by Abusing the Presidential Pardon

So how is President Donald Trump spending his time these days on behalf of the American people? It turns out that he is huddling with his high-priced lawyers to devise strategies for deploying his presidential pardon power to thwart the Russia investigation.

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Chip Off the Old Block: Donald Trump Jr. Tells Lies Nearly as Well as His Dad

President Donald Trump has exceeded all expectations with his astonishing volume of lies.

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Does Vladimir Putin Really Own Donald Trump? It’s More Likely than You Think

Imagine the moment when Vladimir Putin first learned that his Russian hackers had struck gold by obtaining the emails of John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

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It Takes a Village Idiot: Thanks to Donald Trump, the President May Be Chosen by a Fourth-Grade Mentality

Imagine if the president of the United States were chosen for us by the nation’s fourth-graders.

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What If Donald Is Not 'Dumbing Down' and Actually Is This Dumb?

The conventional wisdom is that Donald Trump is intentionally “dumbing down” his rhetoric in order to appeal to low-information voters, or, as Trump calls them, the “poorly educated.”

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