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Mass extinction 252 million years ago may be a warning for today

Forensic geologists have revisited the scene of one of the world’s great massacres to identify the means of death. The victims of the Permian era die-off found themselves increasingly in hot water, to die of overheating or suffocation.

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Arctic Dogs Are Disappearing Due to Rising Temperatures and Dwindling Ice

Greenland’s Arctic dogs, a key part of the massive island’s life and culture, are disappearing.

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The Latest Scary Evidence That Humans Have Created a New Geological Era: Roads

Never mind the formalities: a new planetary epoch, the Anthropocene, has already begun.

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Taxpayers Give Billions in Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Lose Trillions to Related Health Costs

Health campaigners said the energy policies of the world's richest countries are inflicting a double burden on their citizens, not only using their taxes to pay fossil fuel subsidies, but also loading huge health costs on them.

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Humans Have Created 9 Billion Tons of Plastic in the Last 67 Years

U.S. scientists have calculated yet another item on the human shopping list that makes up the modern world: plastics. They have estimated the mass of all the plastic bottles, bags, cups, toys, instruments and fabrics ever produced and tracked its whereabouts, as yet another index of the phenomenal change to the face of the planet made by recent human advance.

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Al Gore: Despite Paris Pull-Out, Trump Can't Derail Clean Energy Revolution

Donald Trump “cannot rewrite history”, and no matter what he says or does the Paris Agreement to limit climate change will survive and is even stronger as a result of Trump’s rejection. This is the verdict pronounced by a former U.S. vice-president turned climate campaigner as Al Gore spurns Trump for a failed attempt to derail the energy revolution.

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Permafrost Thaw Threatens Dangerous Flood of Emissions

Permafrost, the layer of permanently frozen ground that lies just beneath the Earth’s surface in the polar regions, has been found to be more sensitive to the effects of global warming than climatology had recognised.

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Why a Healthy Diet Is Better for the Climate

Scientists have worked out how to combat climate change and improve human health, one mouthful at a time.

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