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Court Rules That EPA Isn't Permitted to Regulate One of the Planet's Most Powerful Climate Pollutants

One of the most powerful climate pollutants on earth, hydrofluorocarbons or HFCs, account for a small portion of U.S. climate pollution, but scientists say it’s important for countries to urgently cut them just because they’re so potent—and growing.

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Global Warming Is Fueling Arizona's Monstrous Monsoons

Summer in Arizona and throughout the Southwest is monsoon season, which means a daily pattern of afternoon thunderstorms, flash floods, dramatic dust clouds and spectacular displays of lightning over the desert.

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A New Law in New Jersey Is Combating Climate and Hunger - at the Same Time

new law in New Jersey aims to shrink the state’s climate footprint and feed the hungry by drastically reducing the amount of wasted food that ends up in landfills.

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Today's Extreme Heat May Become Norm Within a Decade

When 2015 blew the record for hottest year out of the water, it made headlines around the world. But a heat record that was so remarkable only two years ago will be just another year by 2040 at the latest, and possibly as early as 2020, regardless of whether the greenhouse gas emissions warming the planet are curtailed.

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The West Is on Fire as Heat Records Fall

From Phoenix to Boise, high temperature records fell like dominoes last weekend as an impressive heat wave engulfed the western U.S., helping to fuel several wildfires.

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Climate Change Will Hit Poorest the Hardest in U.S.

Union County is tucked in northern Florida, half an hour north of Gainesville and an hour west of Jacksonville. It’s Florida’s smallest county, a mostly unremarkable landlocked stretch of pine forest interspersed with lakes.

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Trump’s Base Is the Big Winner From Paris Climate Withdrawal

President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement provides no clear benefits to American workers or industries. His announcement on Thursday merely hands a symbolic victory to his political base — nationalists who resent internationalism and global cooperation.

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White House Budget Aims to Kill 'Crazy' Climate Science

As The White House released its budget request for the 2018 fiscal year on Tuesday, the Trump administration made good on its promise to target deep cuts to federal spending on climate, energy, science, research and other programs widely seen as critical to America’s ability to adapt to a warming world and reduce its impact on the climate.

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A Swath of States Is Experiencing the Hottest Year to Date

or a swath of states from New Mexico over to Florida and up to Ohio, 2017 has been the hottest year on record through April.

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Trump Moves to Open Offshore Drilling in Areas That Obama Wanted to Protect From Fossil Fuel Development

President Trump on Friday called for the review of a five-year plan for offshore oil and gas leasing that the Obama administration put in place to keep large swaths of the Atlantic and Arctic off-limits to fossil fuel development.

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