Claire Bernish

In One Year, Opiates Killed Ten Times as Many Americans as ALL Terror Attacks in Last 20 Years

Safety of the people and security of the nation should be priority number one for any leader who wishes to have a successful tenure in office, perhaps even multiple terms — and the President of the United States is no exception to this model.

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Analysis Shows Pot Will NOT Kill You, But Cops Arresting You For It Definitely Can

While an embarrassing number of Americans still swallow the drug war’s laughably fictitious marijuana prohibition propaganda, SWAT raids to confiscate the plant ludicrously deemed illegal by the State kill people at an exponentially higher rate than weed, itself.

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Despite Being Illegal in Most of the US, Legal Pot Sales Booming More than Dot-Com Era

Legal cannabis sales have exploded in North America, experiencing unprecedented 30 percent growth in 2016, totaling a massive $6.7 billion — a greater and faster economic boom than even the oft-heralded dot-com era.

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UK Reclassifies CBD Oil as Medicine Just as America Puts It in Class With Heroin

After the DEA moved to further constrain Americans’ access to medically miraculous CBD oil by classifying it alongside heroin and cocaine, Britain chose compassion and common sense — and just classified cannabidiol (CBD) as a medicine.

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Police Theft Is So Out of Hand, California Just Passed a Law Banning Cops from Robbing Innocent People

California — In a refreshing and unfortunately rare instance of reasonableness in policy, California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law a piece of legislation requiring police to secure an actual conviction before stealing people’s stuff in drug-related offenses.

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DEA Caught Spying on Innocent Travelers to Steal Hundreds of Millions - And Its 100% “Legal”

An intensely troubling report proves the DEA pilfers millions in cash from travelers with little, if any, evidence they committed even minor crimes — and virtually never return any of the money, even if charges are never levied.

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The $2 Field Drug Test That Sends Thousands of Innocent People to Jail

Tens of thousands have been convicted and served time—even earning the black mark of a felony—for crimes they likely didn’t commit, a recent report found, because the cases against them relied on horribly unreliable field drug test kits.

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Biometrics On Steroids: How the Police State is Going to Use Your Tattoos Against You

If you have tattoos, law enforcement might be trying to decipher their meaning — and use the information for identification purposes. But, as with any government program with seemingly innocuous roots, the Tattoo Recognition Technology Challenge (Tatt-C) has potential to trigger repercussions beyond a simple invasion of your privacy.

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This Is Why Police Beat People: Two Police Academies Caught on Video Teaching Excessive Force

Not one, but two police training academies have now been suspended for what appears to be teaching the use of excessive force — as the norm — captured on video.

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'A New Low' - Cop Suing the Family of a Teen He Killed, Saying It Caused Him Emotional Trauma

A Chicago Police Officer who responded to a call for assistance by killing an unarmed 19-year-old college student and a neighbor, who was uninvolved in the situation, has now filed a lawsuit against the estate of the student HE killed — saying the shooting left him traumatized.

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